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Schwartz Consulting

What we do

Schwartz Consulting is a boutique consultancy that focuses on strategy, marketing, sales and service for manufacturers and distributors.  We typically work under one of four models:

1. Project delivery – Take an issue/opportunity and design and/or implement a solution.

2. Advisory – Provide input on a specific problem with which we have experience, but the client actually drives the design and implementation.

3. Temporary executive – Fill-in a role (e.g., head of sales) while our client looks to fill it with the right person.

4. Leadership coaching/augmentation – Work with an executive leadership team  to ensure they are driving activities and decisions in a clear, action-oriented, fact-based manner.







· Account planning / management

· Brand strategy

· Channel strategy / management

· Order management

· Pricing

· Product configuration

· Product lifecycle management

· Quota setting

· Sales compensation

· Sales deployment

· Trade spend management

· Value proposition development


· Analytics

· Change leadership/ management

· Custom system development and implementation

· Organizational design

· Project management / implementation

· Process design and implementation

· Package selection and  implementation

· Strategy development

· Training development and delivery

Industry focus

· Chemicals

· Consumer products

· Distribution

· Hi-tech

· Industrial products